Abilis New England

245 Commercial Street Suite 303
Portland, ME 04101
Industry Sectors:
IT Services (including Web and E-commerce)

At Abilis New England, we take an end-to-end approach to develop solutions and WE GO FOR IT!

Analysis: Collect and prioritise business and functional requirements.

Project execution: Plan, orient and monitor the project from design to production.

Implementation: Analyse and develop systems, while respecting development standards. Technical audit and feasibility study into insuring or improving the performance of systems.

Production: Manage the operation and maintenance of the system within the context of on-site outsourcing. More specifically, Abilis Solutions delivers projects of the following nature:

  • eCommerce platforms and financial systems
  • web portals and content management systems
  • wireless and IP applications
  • legacy systems (Integration)

Systems integration: Technological change of information systems, harmonization and integration of existing and innovative technologies such as wireless and IP.

Portal integration, intra-extranet deployment: Enable companies to increase their portal infrastructure, optimise the use of their e-commerce platform and streamline workflows related to the management and publishing of content management.

System optimization and modernization: Audit and identify system improvements, with respect to both performance and operating costs or processes applied.

Technological change: Migrate systems based upon older technology to a more appropriate solution.

Deployment of applications and evolution: Define and implement tools and processes to facilitate the distribution, installation, updating and maintenance of applications.