Cloud 9, LLC

8 Ramble Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Industry Sectors:
IT Services (including Web and E-commerce)

Cloud 9, LLC is a system (software and hardware) consulting and training company. We provide organizations a practical approach to achieving their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) goals step-by-step. Our leadership's experience having led several start-up ventures through to IPO including work with IBM, NASA, Citrix, GE and others makes Cloud 9 an excellent partner in any size project.

Dream, Strategy and Vision Realized is our motto. The tech-industry is rife with stories of projects gone haywire. Almost 50% of all Systems Development are delayed (or not ever realized) because key features and concepts were not conveyed, documented and tracked. At Cloud 9, we realize the importance of getting it right the first time.

The Cloud 9 approach to software and hardware development covers the complete system development life cycle, with a practical approach that helps you meet business goals. We offer regular public two-day training seminars and we are available to provide training on site. With Cloud 9 Training properly executed, your organization will avoid classic mistakes and pitfalls that plague the tech and business world.

In addition to training, our systems development team will help you achieve your ICT goals. We have a proven track record success and we are happy to provide initial consultation without charge.

Call now for a free consultation or to inquire about Systems Requirement Engineering training. 207-619-0729