The Tri-Screen Connection LLC

PO Box 1291
Portland, ME 04104
Industry Sectors:

A North American developer and distributor of web-based applications for presenting and distributing digital content to retail consumers. Expertise in cross-platform (PC, tablet, smartphone) web-based applications combined with integrated e-commerce gateway and managed billing system.

Custom web-based application software coding: PHP and Java languages, C++ ASP.NET, classic ASP, Cold Fusion, Action Script, XML, XSLT plus, HTML5, Adobe Flash, and Advanced Disciplines including AJAX, JSON, XPATH, XQUERY, jQuery.

Database configuration and management: MS SQL, MySQL, Access

  • E-Commerce gateways, billing and reporting
  • Back-end web-based management interfaces
  • End-to-end applications management
  • Shared or dedicated servers and cloud computing
  • Graphic design, video, and audio content

Portland, Maine based.

Contact: Rick Preti, President/Owner


business tel. (617) 600-7654



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