WEBINAR 4: DevOps Tools, Techniques & Lessons Learned

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Wednesday, December 13
11:00am to 12:00pm
Online at http://mtug.webex.com Online , ME
Phone: 207-370-5327
WEBINAR 4: DevOps Tools, Techniques & Lessons Learned

Join MTUG online on Wednesday, December 13th at 11:00am for a look at how Mingle Analytics moved from manual deployments of its custom-built .NET console and web applications to a fully automated deployment pipeline using modern DevOps tools and techniques.

Speaker Floyd Hilton, owner, Tacoma Software, will present how Mingle Analytics has progressed from manually deploying applications to a fully automated DevOps pipeline. We’ll discuss the successes and the challenges as the Mingle team worked to provide quality code to production on a regular basis. We’ll also discuss processes such as being able to run code locally, source control branching, pull requests and version numbering.

The pipeline includes tools such as Git and TeamCity for continuous integration, Selenium and tSQLt for testing and Octopus Deploy for deploying application code and database updates. The applications in the pipeline consist of on premise applications such as .NET IIS web applications, console applications and Windows tasks as well as MS Azure cloud based applications using Web Apps, Queues and Web-jobs.

Speaker information:

"Floyd Hilton has 17 years of software development experience in many domains including semiconductor manufacturing, financial aid delivery, energy conservation and healthcare. Floyd has been described as being the “voice of reason” and having a “calming effect” on the hectic world of software. He has enjoyed wearing many hats such as full stack web developer, project manager, application architect and director of development... Floyd’s current tools of choice are VS Code, C#, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Python, Git, Octopus Deploy, Docker, SQL Server and Microsoft Azure." (from http://www.floydhilton.com/)