Living and Working in Maine

Business location decisions are being increasingly influenced by the quality of life workers can expect to experience in a community. The phrase "quality of life" is heard often in Maine as the reason for business location to the state. Maine is considered one of the most healthful states in the nation. Maine benefits from a four-season climate with a healthy, invigorating environment. Each season is enjoyed for its own unique splendor and recreational activities.

Maine's quality of life is tied closely to the land. Recreation and serenity can be found from its legendary rocky coastline, to the magnificent mountains, splendid forests, and the crystal clear lakes. Maine is a large state with 3,500 miles of coastline and a total area that could contain all of the other five New England States combined. Businesses, employees and their families enjoy a lifestyle of low crime, few instances of traffic congestion, and access to a wealth of year round cultural, recreational and sporting activities.