Business in Maine

Our friends at Maine & Company will help you identify all available programs relevant to your company’s expansion or relocation and deliver the best possible business outcome.

"Maine is a great place to start or grow a business. With an outstanding workforce, extensive infrastructure and significant business incentives, Maine provides abundant opportunities. Maine is also a place where businesses can have significant impact on their communities and play a meaningful role in fostering community growth. In this way, Maine offers exceptional opportunities for employee engagement, employee loyalty, and brand recognition."

Some of the advantages of doing business in Maine include:

  • Dynamic telecommunications and transportation infrastructures
  • Highly productive workforce with a strong work ethic
  • Strategic global location
  • Strong state support for business growth in the form of finance and incentive programs
  • Entrepreneurial spirit that is attracting today's most exciting emerging industries
  • Vibrant, healthy, safe, and livable communities
  • Maine was the first state to have a statewide ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) fiber-optic-based network, allowing efficient digital transmission of voice, data and full-motion video.
  • Maine was the first state to link every school and library (nearly 1,200 sites in all) via Frame Relay Service. This allows Internet access at every site and positions Maine to take advantage of new distance learning opportunities.

Maine understands what businesses need for economic growth and our state continues to lead the country with a sophisticated and reliable infrastructure.