Precision Manufacturing

Precision Manufacturing

The precision manufacturing sector comprises two distinct subsectors: metal products and electronics. Each has a small number of very large world-scale firms and a much larger number of smaller companies serving a variety of customers, primarily outside Maine. The electronics sector shows high rates of innovation as measured by patents. Innovation capacity rests primarily within the private sector, though higher education institutions provide some support.

Metal Products
Elmet Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of collimators and source components for the medical imaging industry. Precision Manufacturing Solutions is focused on high precision work on exotic materials with intricate and demanding design specifications. Maine Machine Products provides complex parts to semi-conductor, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, and commercial customers.

Enercon builds success for electronics manufacturing customers through a vertically integrated manufacturing offering with the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards, Wire Harnesses, Electro-Mechanical Sub-Systems and Finished Devices. AMI’s work is found worldwide in building security systems, solar energy equipment, aircraft instrumentation, industrial laser controls, LED lighting, industrial weather stations, and a host of emerging products from high-tech startups. Elscott Manufacturing is a diversified electronic contract manufacturer working with circuit boards, transformers, and medical probes. Sierra Peaks - Tibbetts Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of miniature electro-acoustic transducers and magnetic telecoils. Saunders Electronics capabilities include automated surface-mount and through-hole assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, and turnkey assembly from board-level to final systems.

The Precision Manufacturing cluster is a cross-cutting technology competency and supply chain component for many of the technology clusters in Maine, including Defense, Alternative Energy and Turbines, and Medical Devices.

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