Maine's Technology Community

There are organizations across the state, like Midcoast Magnet, Casco Bay Technology Hub, PROPEL, LiveWork Portland, and the Northern Maine Development Commission doing some extraordinary work to develop local communities. And there are many others just under the radar. It’s hard work and it’s difficult for them to effectively broadcast their message. TechMaine offers an open platform to help promote those communities, their events, and their news.

The old saying “you can’t get there from here” seems as fitting in the navigation to find appropriate online resources as it does on a Maine back-road journey. We’ll try to uncover and promote the networking events and resources that you expected to be just around the next bend in the road.

TechMaine’s goal is to provide a platform to highlight the exchange of news, events, and information for Maine technology professionals, technology oriented businesses, and those reliant on technology.

There are no dues, no restricted memberships, no memberships at all, no walls, and no agendas…though the focus will stay exclusively on Maine. TechMaine has been and will continue to be an advocate for a supportive ecosystem for Maine's innovative businesses.

TechMaine will be part glue, to hold the communities together, and part GPS device, to help you either find your destination or locate a new one. Check out Joe’s LinkedIn page if you can’t find the connection you’re searching for on the TechMaine site. He’ll get you connected – and there’s no more membership requirement for a linkage.

There is one hold-over from the last century…TechMaine will NOT sell, rent, or otherwise distribute email address and contact detail lists. Your contact data was safe before…and remains safe today. 

You may find several revenue generating programs offered on the site, but they’ll not be subsidized by dues and will face the marketplace on their own value. Of course, the organization welcomes your ideas and encourages you to support our efforts.