3ds Max 2010 Essential Training

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In 3ds Max 2010 Essential Training, instructor Steve Nelle provides a thorough introduction to the techniques needed to take an animated project from start to finish. Steve provides new users with everything they need to know to get up and running, while offering experienced users plenty of tips and tricks they can apply to improve their productivity and workflow. He walks through the program's newly designed interface, details how to create both simple and complex objects, and shows how to bring things to life through a variety of keyframing techniques. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Moving, scaling, and rotating objects
  • Creating detailed models using a variety of modeling techniques
  • Working at the sub-object level with both 2D and 3D modeling commands
  • Building and editing realistic materials
  • Setting up lighting and shadows for a realistic look
  • Understanding the principles of animation and applying them to a scene
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Course Hours: 15h 3
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