3ds Max 2011 New Features

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In 3ds Max 2011 New Features, author Steve Nelle introduces the new features and productivity enhancements in 3ds Max 2011, with a special emphasis on the Slate Material Editor and CAT character animation system. The course examines enhancements to existing features, customization options to the modeling ribbon, scene management improvements, as well as creating scene objects using the Object Paint tool. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

  • Using Caddies
  • Slate Material Editor Overview
  • Building a node-based shader
  • Understanding the CAT (Character Animation Tools) plug-in
  • Building and animating CATRigs
  • Using the Viewport Canvas
  • Rendering with the Quicksilver Hardware renderer
  • Using the SketchUp importer
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Course Hours: 2h 43
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