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The TechMaine Job Board offers extreme visibility for your job openings. 

To post jobs, you need to create a user account (if you haven't already). Posted jobs will be published as soon as they receive administrative approval. You can bypass the administrator and publish your jobs immediately by securing a special Publish Jobs role. Request this role on your User Profile and we'll verify your ability to post the current and all future jobs. Once we have activated the role for you:

  • You can sign in any time you want, and publish or unpublish jobs.
  • Your job listings will be active as soon as you publish them.
  • You can manage job listings that you posted earlier, to edit or end the listing.

If your opening is posted on your, or another, can post the job in 45 seconds...or less! Published jobs will appear on your Industry Directory Profile. Open technology positions are highlighted and your profile will direct more candidates to your career opportunities.

Why you should publish your openings on the TechMaine Jobs Board
The TechMaine Jobs Board receives extreme visibility. An active Jobs Board can lure talent 'from away', attract talent back home to Maine and keep students interested in pursuing technology careers in Maine. TechMaine's Jobs Board is a reflection of the opportunities in Maine for technology professionals. If candidates 'from-away' perceive limited opportunities they have a bit of apprehension about making a move to Maine. TechMaine promotes educational and networking events and even though we do have a vibrant technology community, a well ‘stocked’ Jobs Board goes a long way in luring talent to our state. By helping us populate the Jobs Board, you help develop a greater pool of talent on which you can draw.

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