Entrepreneurship training and education opportunities in Maine

Entrepreneurship training and education opportunities in Maine

Middle and High Schools

  • Bath Regional Vocational Center: grades 10-12; entrepreneurship education is incorporated into management, business, and marketing courses (four one-hour classes each week for one semester).
  • Biddeford Regional Center of Technology: grades 10-12; offers programs in entrepreneurship and small business management (75 minutes per day, 5 days per week for one semester).
  • Foster Regional Applied Technology Center (Farmington): grades 10-12; provides curriculum on entrepreneurship and small business management.
  • Lewiston Regional Technical Center: grades 10-12; offers a course that gives an introduction to entrepreneurship (80-minute blocks every other day for entire school year).
  • Oxford Hills Technical School: grades 11-12; entrepreneurship education is incorporated into a marketing course (2.5 class periods per week for 16 weeks).
  • Presque Isle Technology Center: grades 11-12; entrepreneurship education is incorporated into a small business ownership course (one period per day).
  • Region 10, Brunswick: grades 10-12; offers a course in marketing and entrepreneurship (program meets for half a day, five days per week).
  • Region 2, Houlton: grades 11-12; offers a business technology course that integrates entrepreneurship curriculum.
  • Westbrook Regional Vocational Center: grades 8-12; offers a course in marketing education and real-life experience operating the school store (80-minute classes, five days per week plus at least two 30-minute shifts in school store).
  • Jay High School: grades 11-12; offers a course in exploration of business topics, including entrepreneurship (one class period every other day).
  • Oak Hill High School (Wales): grades 9, 11, 12; offers two courses: intro to business in grade 9 and economics and marketing in grades 11-12; courses include entrepreneurship curriculum (one-semester class).
  • Windham High School: grades 11-12; course in entrepreneurship offered (one-semester course).
  • Brooksville Elementary School: grades 7-8; electronic publishing course that develops yearbook also includes entrepreneurship curriculum (two hours per week).
  • The University of Southern Maine’s Center for Entrepreneurship offers "The Buzz on Biz" for high school students.
  • Machias Memorial High School offers an entrepreneurship program for students interested in starting their own company.
  • Hebron Academy hosted the week-long EntrePrep Summer Institute in July 2008. This institute provides rising juniors and seniors with the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial practices and principles. Hebron Academy also offers an entrepreneurship program and the Entrepreneurial Challenge competition. 

Adult Education

  • Rockland Adult Education: includes some entrepreneurial education as part of a 3-week intensive job readiness program.
  • Windham Adult Education: offered a training opportunity for Lakes Region entrepreneurs and entrepreneur training series.

Maine Community College System

  • Eastern Maine Community College: certificate program in entrepreneurship launched in 2005.
  • Kennebec Valley Community College: certificate program in new business offered; courses include Introduction to Entrepreneurship and The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Small Business Management. An online course in small business management was offered during the spring semester of 2008.
  • Southern Maine Community College: program in entrepreneurship and business ownership offered.
  • Entrepreneurial Center at Southern Maine Community College: the Entrepreneurial Center has a business incubator program as well as a six-credit business start-up certificate and a 15-credit certificate of business ownership. There are also non-credit courses offered on a regular basis to both enrolled students and the general public.

University of Maine System

  • Augusta: courses offered through the College of Mathematics and Professional Studies. Outreach with Women, Work, and Community.
  • Farmington: 2-3 related courses offered in the Department of Social Sciences and Business. Outreach with FastTrac.
  • Fort Kent: the e-commerce and small business management degree programs both incorporate entrepreneurship curriculum.
  • Orono: offers an entrepreneurship course through College of Business, Public Policy, and Health. The UMaine Cooperative Extension does research on microenterprise development.
  • Presque Isle: offers an entrepreneurship course through the Department of Business and International Studies.
  • University of Southern Maine: the School of Business offers a concentration in Entrepreneurship in its academic program.