Hack Portland

Big Room Studios
30 Danforth St. Suite 304
Portland , ME 04101
Contact: Sam Mateosian
Website: Hack Portland

Hey Everyone!

We are holding weekly meetups to hack on our pet projects. A lot of these are ideas that we independently work on during our off time, nights and weekends. We're looking to create a collaborative environment with like-minded people. This is not limited to software, all form of hackery and makery are welcome. Even if you're just curious, please come on down, hang out, fool around and shoot the breeze. Also, please join the community on G+ it's more fun to share stuff there: http://bit.ly/13iwlXj

The phrase "Hacker Community" may be an oxymoron but so's your mom. We're calling all white hat, black hat and pink hat hackers in Portland, ME to come talk nerdy to us. What's a hacker? Someone who likes to know how stuff works - someone who likes to take stuff apart - someone who likes to tweak, fiddle and mess around. Not just for technologists - we want everyone from life hackers, artists, circuit benders to political strategists. What's a pink hat hacker? You'll have to come to find out.

Meeting Information

We'll try our best to get together once a week to do a little show and tell, shoot the breeze and have a few drinks if so inclined. No rules - just bring your weird ideas and stories of hacking the world.