Maine Cyber Security Cluster

University of Southern Maine
70 Falmouth Street 2nd Floor - Research Wing - Science Building
Portland , ME 04104
Phone: (207)780-4782
Contact: Glenn Wilson

The Maine Cyber Security Cluster is creating a shared and secured R&D/commercialization "scratch lab" and testbed for new products and services, addressing the skills shortage in Cyber Security, and promoting the Cluster as the national hub for cyber security solutions and workforce development.

The University of Southern Maine is creating a Cyber Security Laboratory, the first in Maine, as a shared and secure testing and evaluation environment that will allow private and public entities to refine their technology infrastructures and code on the fly, help them to clearly identify their competitive advantage by testing their products against some of the most advanced cyber security products in the world, including testing and evaluating products from major global vendors before installing these products in their infrastructure, and help entrepreneurs define the true commercialization potential of their innovations prior to approaching investors.