Maine Pulp and Paper Association

104 Sewall Street
Augusta , ME 04332
Phone: (207) 622-3166

The Maine Pulp & Paper Association represents the pulp and paper industry and associated businesses in Maine to ensure that long-term viability and competitiveness are achieved in a global economy.

The Maine Pulp and Paper Association was incorporated in 1967. Since then the association has worked with the Legislature and state agencies on many policy issues. We have collectively made great improvements to Maine’s air and water quality, made Maine’s tax policy more consistent with that of competing states, implemented harvesting regulations and practices that ensure the long-term sustainability and health of the forest, and worked to bring Maine’s energy costs down to levels found in other parts of the U.S. and Canada.

MPPA works closely with other business and industry associations, with the Pulp and Paperworkers Resource Council, and with non-governmental advocacy groups. MPPA members and staff often serve on governmental task forces helping to establish sound policy for Maine. The association and its members work closely with the University of Maine and its world-class Chemical and Biological Engineering and Forestry Schools. MPPA also works with national organizations and Maine’s congressional delegation supporting industry interests on a federal level.

The members of the Maine Pulp and Paper Association live and work in Maine. We care about Maine, its economy, and its people. We support Maine jobs.