Maine Angels


The Maine Angels are accredited private equity investors who help entrepreneurs by investing in and mentoring early stage companies. Our goal is to make sound investments in promising New England entrepreneurs with an emphasis on Maine businesses.

A Member Network

An essential element of the Maine Angels organization is the exchange of information among members. We provide a cooperative mechanism for qualified investors to collaboratively locate, investigate and make investments in promising early-stage companies. Experienced early stage investors share their insights with members who are just entering the angel investment arena. This group engagement is applied throughout the application process, beginning with pre-screening, Q&A questioning at the meeting of presenters, and member debrief discussion. After every presentation by an entrepreneur, members who are interested in the proposal form a working group with a designated "deal lead". The members work collaboratively through the due diligence process, leveraging the group's expertise and connections, and negotiate a deal for all members to be able to consider. Once due diligence is complete and deal terms have been established, each member individually chooses whether or not to invest. Ongoing communications with the new business and their progress reports are documented and accessible at all times to participants in the deal through gust and the "deal lead" liaison.

Investment Portfolio Overview

Maine Angels investment interests are not sector specific, as our own diversity and that of the Maine economy means our investments span many industries. Our investment portfolio choices have included both pre-revenue and early revenue companies. Education, entertainment, media, marketing, advertising, energy, clean technology, biotechnology, medical devices, web/internet services, software, hardware, security, mobile technology, real estate and retail are all represented. Individual investments in a deal can vary from $10K to over $100K, while total investments in a deal have ranged from $35K to $710K, often as part of a larger financing along with other angel investors and strategic entities with whom we partner. As of January 31, 2013, the Maine Angels members have collectively invested more than $9.6 million in 42 promising early stage companies that have presented at one of our monthly meetings.

Inquiries Welcome

We are selective both in our investments and our choice of partners, and are actively seeking both new investments and new members.