Software Development

Custom Programming Services

Maine has hundreds of small software vendors developing applications related to particular vertical markets described below. Some of these niches, such as GIS, CAD, and virtual reality, relate to the ocean’s key role in the Maine economy.

Maine’s shipbuilding industry has spurred a small, related CAD niche. The local firm Aerohydro’s software helped design the hulls of a handful of boats that have won the America’s Cup sailing race. Aerohydro and TransformIT are excellent examples of international success stories.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Maine has dozens of software firms with GIS expertise, and is recognized as a GIS hub. The cluster is supported by the University of Maine’ Spatial Engineering program, one of three universities in the United States to offer advanced degrees in this field. DeLorme Mapping, a major GIS firm, is headquartered in Maine as are the James W. Sewall Company, Chimani, and Blue Marble Geographics.

Firms produce software to monitor the Gulf of Maine marine operations including wind, wave, visibility, air temperature, water temperatures at various depths, salinity and more. GoMOOS is now working with the USM Computer Science department in research and experimentation (R&E) efforts.

Multimedia/3D Animation/Entertainment
A cluster of 3-D and multimedia software developers are spread across Maine. Some of these firms supply the small local photography and film sector anchored by the original Kodak photography educational institution in the town of Camden. Penbay Media, Infusion Studios, Image Works, and a growing number of game developers are very active in this growing area.

Virtual Reality
Maine has a small cluster of virtual reality software firms. Some are suppliers to Bath Iron Works, a subsidiary of General Dynamics that builds the Aegis Destroyer battleship in Maine.

Jackson Laboratory, the largest producer of laboratory mice in the world and a research leader in the human genome, is located in Bar Harbor. Many in-house computer programmers develop its specialized bioinformatics database, and these technologies are shared with the international science community. IDEXX Laboratories combines biotechnology with medical devices and information technology and is creating more than five hundred new jobs in Westbrook while helping that community reinvent itself as a magnet for technology organizations.