Android Development for Beginners

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Unless you've been sleeping for the last couple of years, you know that Mobile is H-O-T!  And the most popular mobile platform in the world? That's Android. Do you have a great idea for a mobile app that you'd love to get on the market? Does your company need a mobile app to grow it's online audience? Perhaps you've always wanted to learn Android Development for fun? Whatever your reason-- Android Development for Beginners is for you. This course covers the skills needed to produce competent, quality, error-free Android appications.  More importantly, this course builds the foundation you need to learn more advanced skills and create professional, quality mobile applications. While this is a course for beginners, to be successful you need to know the basics of Java. The course will review the more complex Java used in the Android ecosystem, but you should understand Java Basics-- Variables, Loops, Functions, Conditionals should be enough.

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Course Hours: 3