Microsoft Project 2010 Beginners/Intermediate Training

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Are you new to Microsoft Project 2010? Do you need to learn how to use Microsoft Project and keep track of all your projects? During the Learn Microsoft Project 2010 video training course, your professional trainer guides you through project management topics such as task creation, resource management, cost tracking, using WBS codes, critical path reporting, and more. Ideal for those seeking Microsoft Project 2010 training or anyone looking to enhance their Project knowledge, the Learn Microsoft Project 2010 training course provides 9 full hours of expert quality training videos.

Discover the building blocks of a project. Start with information gathering and documentation, and when you feel comfortable with that, move on to the basics of tasks and resources. Get detailed step-by-step guidance on how to assign and allocate resources. Learn to document a project as you go by properly defining costs and adding notes—enabling full traceability. 

Plus, when you sign up for our class, you’ll also get these 4 BONUSES for a limited time in addition to the 40 online course videos:

  1. Downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts - to help you save time and get your work done faster.
  2. An online quiz (40 questions) - to test what you've learned.
  3. Downloadable & printable transcripts (over 200 searchable pages) – to give you another learning option, if you prefer reading but don’t have time to take notes.
  4. 9 hours of downloadable MP3s to play on your favorite audio device - to help you learn in the car, while you walk, or in the gym.

Where else can you find so many extra tools to help you master Project 2010?!?! 

So start learning how to use MS Project today. Because being a technology dinosaur isn’t going to get you a promotion or raise!

Content and Goals

  • Over 43 lectures and 12.5 hours of content!
  • Efficiently use schedules, calendars, and critical paths.
  • Explore cost management features such as defining/tracking costs and reporting options.
  • Use tools to plan, manage, and collaborate with other people and teams.
  • Customize your workspace.
  • Track using the resource calendar, task types, and budget resources.
  • Get proficient at over allocations and leveling.


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Course Hours: 12.5