Mac OS X Jaguar Fundamentals

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Apple's revolutionary new Unix-based operating system was developed from the ground up. OS X has new features and usability that provide better stability, including multi-tasking and protected memory. Faster than previous Apple operating systems, OS X remains user-friendly to the point of affection. Even so, OS X is a radical departure from previous Mac operating systems. VTC author Matt Neutra will walk you through all of the new elements of OS X - including v10.2 - and show you how to maneuver it like a power user. He starts by familiarizing you with the interface, then guides you through the use of the Finder. You will learn how to set your preferences, how to use Sherlock, how to share files, the iLife applications, and more. You'll be introduced to various multimedia applications, including QuickTime, iTunes, and iMovie. Welcome to Mac OS X.
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Course Hours: 9
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